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Warbler Kink!

Kinking your Dalton Academy Warblers

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blaine head turn
lemaskedbiscuit wrote in warblerkink


  • Please be civil and respectful toward one another. There is a zero tolerance policy for prompts and/or comments that contain personal attacks or hate speech.
  • Similarly, there is also a zero tolerance policy for disrespecting characters, pairings, or kinks. Prompts that contain character/pairing-bashing will be deleted. YKINMK (Your Kink Is Not My Kink) is in full effect here.
  • Anonymous commenting is enabled, IP logging is disabled, and I have turned off the spamblocker feature, so no one will have to worry about their prompts/comments getting lost. This does not mean you have to go anon when prompting/commenting/filling. It is your choice.
  • Community membership is closed; feel free to watch!
  • Please keep conversations within prompting posts to a minimum, unless they are related to the prompt (for example, prompt/fill feedback or a commenter/potential filler saying what they would like to see/clarifying some details with their OP is totally fine, but discussing what your last vacation was like is not). To talk about all fabulous things at length, we have a [community discussion/off topic] post!
  • Please do not embed images/videos in comments. Link them.
  • Any and all questions, comments, concerns, requests for a mistakenly-posted comment/prompt/etc. deletion should be directed to the [ask-a-mod] post. As of right now, lemaskedbiscuit and forgottenfirst are the maintainers/moderators of the site.
  • If a thread is getting crazy, it will be frozen.
  • One prompt per comment.
  • Remember to use subject lines. (Correct formatting below.) If you post your prompt and forget the subject line, feel free to repost it with one – and let a mod know that you would like the old one deleted. Prompts that do not have subject lines will be deleted.
  • Include trigger warnings in the subject line. This applies to both prompts and fills. You must warn for: non-con/rape, dub-con, self-harm, suicide, graphic violence, abuse, character death, eating disorders, torture, incest, and underage. (If there is a trigger that you think should be added to this list, please let me know and I will add it.)
  • Please refrain from reposting prompts from earlier rounds. Prompts that are similar to earlier prompts are fine as long as there are noticeable differences in the details/plot/kinks that the OP wants.
  • Crossposting prompts from other memes is totally fine.
  • If a prompt does not contain an actual prompt, it will also be deleted. For example: We need more Sebastian/Thad on this meme!
  • Prompting runs in rounds. A round remains open for prompts until the round hits 4000 comments. Once a round hits 4000 comments, the round will close and there will be a three-day round break before the opening of the next prompting round. A round "closing" simply means it is no longer open to new prompts; +1, feedback comments, and fills are still allowed.
  • Put [FILL] in the subject line.
  • Fills can be anything: fics, art, fanmixes, etc.
  • Link to images. Do not embed them.
  • Prompts can be filled multiple times. The more, the merrier!
  • Warn for triggers.
formatting prompts.
  • Alphabetize pairings.
  • Put [RPF] before RPF prompts. Put [Crossover] before crossover prompts.
  • Please use this format: Blaine/Kurt, swap!role, David/Wes, hurt/comfort [SELF HARM]. Prompt subject lines must include the gist of the prompt, not just the pairing.
  • If you just want to prompt and you don't care what characters are used, slot "Any" in. This can also be used in a pairing context – Any/Blaine.
  • Names to be used when prompting are:


For characters without names, feel free to use the actors first name or the name you create for them yourself. If doing the latter, be sure to mention in the prompt itself who the actor is so the filler knows the character.

Remember to direct any and all questions/comments/concerns to the [ask-a-mod post].

Have fun, everyone!